Tummy Thigh Shapewear

Made for You, by someone like you

Munns and Mars Tummy Tucker and Saree Shapewear is made of breathable cotton that stretches for a snug fit so that you can flaunt your curves in confidence. The shapewear is available for plus size women too. This seamless shapewear is designed with Indian bodies in mind.

Does Tummy tucker Work

The compression and snug fit of a tummy tucker works to give you a seamless shape which can make your clothes have a better fit and make you seem atleast a size smaller.

Can Tummy Tucker be Worn Everyday?

Munns and Mars Tummy Tucker can be worn everyday because it is made of breathable, seamless fabric that fits well but also is super comfortable.

What is a tummy tucker?

A tummy tucker is a type of shapewear worn under your clothes, designed to shape and slim the abdominal area. It provides support and compression to create a smoother, more toned appearance under clothing.

Does Shapewear reduce belly fat?

Shapewear does not reduce belly fat; instead, it provides temporary shaping and smoothing of the body. When worn, shapewear compresses and redistributes the appearance of fat and skin to create a slimmer look. However, this effect is only present while the shapewear is being worn and does not lead to permanent fat loss.

How to choose Tummy tucker size?

The best way to choose tummy tucker is to take into account your jeans size and buy a size smaller that that. So if you wear jeans in a size of L, buy a tummy tucker of size M. Another fool proof way is to measure your waist size and refer to Munns and Mars' size chart.

Which Brand Tummy Tucker is Best?

Munns and mars tummy tucker is made of natural, breathable fabrics that fit well and can be worn all day.